What is Brainootropic.com about?

Brainootropic is an informal website about today’s most popular nootropic substances. This includes both synthetic and natural extracts from herbs.

Be aware that the usage of synthetic nootropics may require a doctors prescription. This website does not sell any of that kind, it only states out facts and information.

We sell products through Amazon.com are nootropics that you can use without any prescriptions from your doctor. They are natural optimized formulas for maximum brain performance. Therefore, you should not worry about any of the sold product’s safety.

What Does Being Part of Amazon LLC Mean?

This website is a part of the Amazon LLC program which allows websites to sell products in order for a small commission. The content on this page is written by experienced users and enthusiasts. Although, you should know that this website does not give an exact medical advice. If you have any doubts whether you should use some substances or how it would specifically react on you, you should consider talking to a doctor.

Who is this website for?

If you are one of the many nootropic seekers online, this is the right website. You will find many reviews on products here, which main goals are to describe the product as much as possible. The goal is not to persuade the reader to buy anything, only the product that suits him the most – according to the reviews on this website.

Usage of Affiliate Links

We use affiliate links which allow us to earn a commission through the Amazon LLC affiliate program. By clicking on any link in our product reviews you will be redirected to Amazon.com to presumably make a purchase on the product you like. The prices are the same, whether you access Amazon.com directly or using one of our affiliate links.